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office staffWe guarantee satisfaction. We would not be in business since the early 1990’s if we did not guarantee our clients satisfaction. Our success is dependant upon referrals from satisfied clients. It is the highest form of compliment one can receive. We do not advertise and have large offices with big trucks that have bail bond logos all over them. We are discreet and confidential and most of the time we can complete all the necessary paperwork by phone.

I am a licensed bail bond agent to transact bail bonds in Los Angeles and throughout California. I offer the lowest rate allowed by law which is 8%. I have licensed agents in L.A., Orange, Ventura and all Southern California Counties. My staff and I are always available for you day or night. For a professional bail agent that understands your case contact us anytime.

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What Do Our Clients Say?

I can help you in anywhere Los Angeles, call me at 213-785-7965 for bail bond assistance

Colleen Cook has been in business since 1995 and knows the in and outs of the bail process in California. Please call her when you need help


Why Choose Us?

Our rates are guaranteed! We do not charge more, we do not charge renewals every year, we do not charge any other fees than the 8%. People often think they need collateral and sometimes it is true on larger bonds ($100,000 and larger).

There are many forms of collateral including homes, property, cars, cash, jewelry etc… The most common form is a home or property. The property should have the entire amount of equity equivalent to the bond amount. When you use collateral on a bail bond it is for the purpose of guaranteeing the defendant goes to court on their court dates.

If they do not appear then the cosigner may have to pay the entire amount of the bond. There is a grace period in California after someone fails to appear before the cosigner has to pay the bond.

I am also licensed to write all types of surety bonds. These are bonds like: Civil Surety Bonds, Probate Bonds, Auto Dealer Bonds, Appeal Bonds, Federal Bonds and just about any bond you can think of I can write it. Although I mostly do bail bonds I like to extend this service of other bonds to my clients. My primary focus has always been bail because I love what I do. Everyone always says you must meet some interesting people. I feel like I provide a service to good people that made a bad decision or got caught in something that they shouldn’t have been involved in.

I have posted bonds for celebrities and doctors to athletes and everyday business people. Most of my clients are respectable people with good jobs and families.